stacie chaiken

writer  •  performer

a second-generation Russian Jewish American

(sometimes) redhead goes off in search

of the mysterious great-grandfather

about whom nobody would ever speak

a solo play written and performed by


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On the surface, Looking for Louie is the witty and poignant story of a Russian Jewish immigrant family with a terrible secret, long-standing feuds, and the usual dash of charming dysfunction. And then along comes a young American woman who will do anything—absolutely anything—to uncover her family's secret: To find out who she is, she needs to know where she comes from.

And she discovers that her family's secret is, yes, a heart-breaking story.
But it's a common story—not a 19th-century story, not a Jewish story, but a universal immigrant story of abandonment and betrayal.

And she asks, What do we do now? Is there a way to reconcile and heal the rage and shame that has trickled down in our family through the generations?

Looking for Louie is a story of the reach for healing in one family, but it
presents a paradigm for reconciliation and forgiveness in all families—
and in our world. Forgiveness, because we want it bad enough.
Forgiveness, because there's someone willing to do absolutely anything
to make it happen. Forgiveness, because it needs to be, independent
of ideology, justice, or who did what to whom, and when.

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photo:: irene fertik